Christmas 2018

Drop Off Appointments

Consignment Gallery will be accepting drop-offs of Christmas items at our Bedford store from Tuesday October 2nd through Friday November 30th. These drop-offs will be accepted by appointment only.

Consignors can schedule one drop-off appointment during the holiday season for up to 40 items per household. Drop-off appointments are available Tuesdays through Fridays.


Upon drop-off, consignors agree to allow our staff to determine the pricing for their items. 

Our holiday consignment season is much shorter than our standard 90 day consignment period, so we’ll be pricing these items to sell quickly, keeping in mind the very low prices of brand new holiday items at big box stores. While it’s as much in our interest as it is in yours to get as much for your items as we can, we also want them to sell! We rely on our past selling experience and online research to set reasonable prices for all of our inventory, including holiday items.

We will store any unsaleable items included in the drop-off for two weeks from the date of drop-off, after which point any remaining items not picked up by the consignor will be donated.


All Christmas consignments will go through the regular 10% markdowns every 30 days according to Consignment Gallery’s standard consignment contract. Additionally, all unsold Christmas items will be marked down 25% starting Tuesday December 1850% starting Friday December 21st, and 75% on Wednesday December 26th.

If consignors want to pick up their unsold Christmas consignments, they are welcome to do so starting Tuesday December 11th. All consignment pickups will be subject to a $1.50 per item handling fee.

What we can't sell

Please keep in mind that we are unable to sell the following items this holiday season:

String lights, garlands, tree ornaments

Undecorated wreaths or greenery

Faux Christmas trees larger than 3’ (small decorated tabletop-sized trees are OK)

Metal cookie tins, cookie cutters, molds, or loaf pans

Bows, cards/stationery, or wrapping paper

Commemorative items with a date (ex: a ‘Christmas 1993’ bell)

Single plates/mugs/bowls/glasses and any china or glassware with cracks or chips