How Consigning Works


Consignors receive 65% of the selling price for items over $30. For items that sell for $30 or less, consignors receive 50% of the selling price.  Checks are mailed to consignors during the first week of the month.

Item Fee

We have an item fee which is similar to a buyer’s premium at an auction. Let’s say we agree on a consigned price of $100 for one of your items. The tag would read $110. The additional 10% added to the consigned price is a fee paid by the buyer. You would receive 65% of the $100 consigned price.


We ask that consignments be left with us for a minimum of 60 days. If an item does not sell within 30 days, it is reduced in price by 10%. After 60 days, unsold items may be picked up without a fee or they may remain for sale with another 10% discount.

After 90 days, unsold items with a current price of $50 or less become store property and may be donated or clearanced at the store’s discretion. Higher priced items which remain unsold after 90 days will continue to be reduced by 10% every 30 days, and the consignor will still receive their percentage of the eventual selling price.


Consignment appointments are available at our Bedford store location only. Please call or come in to the store to make an appointment to consign your items.

Furniture appointments can be scheduled for Tuesday through Sunday.

Appointments for any non-furniture items can be scheduled for Tuesday through Friday.

Send Us Pictures

If you have furniture to consign, we kindly request that you send us photos of your items in advance of your appointment. We preview photos to ensure that the furniture is a style we can sell. We do not need to see photos of smaller household items, however.

We are unable to determine the true condition of furniture before seeing it in person, but if we think we have a market for the style of furniture, we will ask you to please schedule an appointment with our Bedford store to bring your items in for further inspection and consignment.

Please email photos to, and you can expect a response within 24-48 hours.


While we are unable to estimate pricing before seeing the items in person, we work with all of our consignors to determine fair and agreeable prices during the consignment process. Consignment Gallery determines fair market pricing for items by considering their condition, age, and brand name, as well as current styles and customer demand. If you have original paperwork/receipts for your items, these can be very helpful in determining an appropriate selling price.


We are not staffed nor insured to move furniture. If you need assistance moving your furniture in or out of the store, please bring help.

If you prefer not to borrow or rent a truck and would like to hire professional movers for your items, we recommend contacting Get It Gone. This local moving company can provide a free estimate based on a description of your items and the distance of the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to sell items through Consignment Gallery??

Consignors receive 65% on items that sell for over $30 and 50% on items that sell for $30 or less.

Consignors leave the items with Consignment Gallery for a minimum of 60 days with a markdown of 10% at 30 days.

After 60 days, consignors may remove items at no charge, or they can leave them for sale for another 30 days with an additional 10% markdown.

Jewelry is not reduced during the 90 day consignment period.

Who sets the price??

Our knowledgeable staff will determine prices with your input and approval.

Do I need an appointment to consign items??

Yes, it is appreciated. We consign by appointment so we can ensure that we’ll be available to work with you when you arrive.

When and how do consignors get paid??

During the first week of each month, a check and item list are mailed to consignors whose items have sold during the previous month.

How do I get furniture approved for consignment??

Please email photos to: or bring photos in to the store for our staff to view.

What about transportation of furniture??

Consignment Gallery does not provide moving services, however we can recommend professional movers if you prefer not to move the items yourself.